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HIRELCO® has succeeded in manufacturing some of the world's most reliable interconnect products that our industry has ever seen. As a result, HIRELCO® has received many industry awards throughout the years.

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HIRELCO® values each and every one of its employees and understands how each individual employee plays a critical role in the success of HIRELCO®. As such, we provide excellent benefits to all full time employees.

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Do you enjoy a challenging work environment? Interested in growing professionally? HIRELCO® provides employees with the creative freedom to accomplish their tasks and contribute to ongoing projects in a meaningful way.

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With a history of high graded sustainability and knowledge, close partnerships are built with HIRELCO's® surrounding prestige colleges including Scripps, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd Pitzer College, the University of La Verne & the California State Polytechnic University. With these partnerships in place, HIRELCO® organizes valuable internships on an annual basis, creating many new opportunities for local college students. Additionally, HIRELCO® works with well reputable recruitment agencies within the local areas of Claremont, to continuously advance the company's path of innovation and build strong relationships within our community.

I was hired on as an engineering intern where I worked in Document Control. Here, I learned the processes of the company's document flow. This consisted of storing/releasing new component, assembly, and customer drawings to tracking any internal/external changes made to drawings. After working in Document Control for about 5 months I was ready for something more challenging.

At this time, I took advantage of the open Self-Locker/Environmental department manufacturing engineering position. I was extremely fortunate to be given the position where I would shadow another manufacturing engineer for a couple months. During this time I was trained on tooling design, the Material Review Board system, Corrective/Preventive Action Reports, drawing interpretation, router creation/implementation (work instructions), as well as other various day-to-day responsibilities. It was here where my passion for designing began. I was introduced to the Solidworks/AutoCAD programs to create or enhance various tools to aid in the manufacturing of our connectors. I greatly enjoyed creating new tooling that increased productivity time as well as eased the manufacturability of our products.

After about a year of working as a manufacturing engineer I began asking for product design projects and was allowed to work on simple component redesigns. I quickly worked my way up with each project to more complex redesigns and within a few months received an offer to work with the other design engineers. I was excited for this opportunity to join the design team and was quickly trained on the design process. I learned how to complete compliance matrices, risk assessments, tolerance stack-ups, design and process failure mode and effect analyses and design analyses. Each project I took on developed from preliminary designs, to prototype models for proof of concept, to qualification testing, and finally customer satisfaction. Some of the projects I have had the opportunity to work on involve interconnect systems for the Gulfstream G500/G600’s, Raytheon missile systems, as well as NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

Today, I continue working on various projects to meet our customers’ every-growing needs. One of my major projects, being developed,will consist of a whole new series line of high-temperature resisting connector systems that will have the capability to take our designs to places the physically couldn’t before. I am also leading our company into the rapidly developing 3D printing industry for quicker manufacturing of prototypes to show our customers and prove new design concepts.

My time at HiRel Connectors began as an intern in the Cable Division. There, my job was to record labor times for the various assemblies. In doing so, I learned a lot about the manufacturing and assembly process of cables. I was lucky to have a supervisor and manager that were both very supportive of my growth within the company.

By the time my internship was scheduled to end, I had secured a job as a Junior Quality Engineer in the Quality Assurance department. In this new position I learned the intricacies of contract review, coordinating corrective action requests and responses, and how to create balloon engineering drawings along with inspection masters. I have also had the opportunity to take on a few projects including establishing consistent compliance for EU material and chemical regulations, establishing non-deliverable software controls, being the Quality representative for the Orion Space Program, and expediting our contract review process.

Current Openings

Job Opportunities at HIRELCO® are abundant for self motivated individuals who enjoy the challenge and excitement of being an intricate part of a team focused on success. Due to the continual growth at HIRELCO®, we are always seeking qualified individuals for the following positions:

Connector Design Engineer

Precision Mechanical Inspectors

Electronic Assemblers

CNC Machinist

CNC Programmer


HiRel Connectors Inc. is located within walking distance of the MetroLink Transit Center and the quaint Village of Claremont, California. Claremont is the home of seven world renowned colleges and offers residents and visitors alike a safe small town atmosphere which is rich in cultural events.

We encourage your inquiry. Please email your resumé to Human Resources at careers@hirelco.net. HIRELCO® is an equal opportunity employer.