Conflict Mineral Statement

HiRel Connectors Inc. (HIRELCO®) position regarding Conflict Minerals

HIRELCO® is committed to support the intent of conflict mineral reporting requirements as defined in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act and the subsequent release of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Final Rule set up to help regulate this law. The intent of these conflict mineral reporting requirements are focused at curbing funding for armed groups that commit violent human rights violations in certain parts of Central Africa. Conflict minerals that require reporting under the Dodd-Frank Act are Gold, Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum. Under Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, all publically traded companies, many are customers of HIRELCO®, are required to report annually to the SEC whether they use conflict minerals that are “necessary to the functionality or production” of a product that they either manufacture, or contract to be manufactured.

Our goal is to produce Conflict Free products by September 2014. To be successful, HIRELCO® will expect its suppliers to source material that is “DRC Conflict Free”. “DRC Conflict Free” is defined as being “material sourced from scrap/recycle sources, from sources outside the Conflict Region, and/or from non-conflict sources within the DRC and surrounding area”. In order to standardize the reporting and minimize the effort required by our supply chain, HIRELCO® has adopted the EICC Due Diligence framework by establishing a process to request declarations regarding chain of custody using the ISS/GeSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template from all applicable HIRELCO® suppliers. HIRELCO® cannot meet the requirements and intent of these human rights regulations without the support of our supply base.

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