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Products are designed to applicable military and customer specifications, or custom designed by HiRel Connectors, Inc. for your specific requirements. We are engineering-oriented to supply what you need, not catalog items you may have to design around. Design assistance is yours for the asking and can result in new concepts of space and weight savings. If you have a problem, HiRel Connectors, Inc. can provide a solution.

HIRELCO® manufactures connectors using plastic, elastomer, metal, and composite technology for environmental applications. HIRELCO® manufactures hermetic connectors, headers and feedthroughs using the latest technology for glass, ceramic, steel, and aluminum applications. Shell materials range from aluminum, and stainless steel to more specialized materials such as kovar, inconel, and titanium. Contacts material can range from copper alloy to exotic thermocouple and high temperature materials. HIRELCO® provides the option of connectors supplied individually or can be cabled upon customer request. Options also include integrated passive and active electronics. Dock-to-stock programs are available. We can help with you with all your interconnect problems.

"Our Job is to Create Your Vision. We can design
Any Custom Solution for Your application."

- HIREL Connectors Inc. -