Military Standard Hermetic Connectors

Since 1967 HiRel Connectors has been designing and manufacturing highly reliable, hermetically sealed connectors for interconnect applications. HIRELCO® designs and manufactures connectors to exceed customer expectations, by utilizing a full in-house production facility to ensure products are produced at the highest quality. Our committed design / engineering team is ready to provide a quality solution for your interconnect application. Our hermetically sealed connectors are used in military, commercial and space environments by customers around the world. These connectors come in either pin or socket engagement. Contact styles include solder cup, eyelet, PC tail and crimp removable terminations. Operating temperatures for our hermetic connectors range from +538°C (1000°F) / -196°C (-320°F). Materials include Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Kovar and Aluminum. A variety of finishes are available including Passivated, Nickel, OD Cad, Tin, and Black Chrome.

Special/Custom Configurations: HIRELCO® has a dedicated engineering/manufacturing staff ready to design and manufacture custom hermetic connectors to fit your difficult application needs. Custom applications range from high temperature designs, custom pin configurations and special shell configurations.


Mechanical Specs

Application / Market: Aerospace, Commercial, Military
Industry / MIL-SPEC # ESC 10
Shape: Circular
Shell Style: Square Flange Receptacle, Jam Nut Receptacle, Solder Flange Mount, Self Locking Plug
Durability: 500 Mating Cycles
Contact Style / Termination Crimp, PCB, Feed Through, Eyelet, Solder Cup
Salt Spray: Up to 500 hours

Material Specs

Shell: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Shell Plating: Passivated Stainless Steel, Tin, Zinc Nickel, Nickel-Teflon, Electroless Nickel, Electrodeposited Nickel, Cadmium, Anodize
Insulator: Reinforced Epoxy
Contacts: Copper Alloy, Beryllium Copper, K-Series Thermocouples
Contact Plating: Gold, Tin Lead
Grommet and Seals:: Fluorosilicone

Electrical Specs

Current Rating: Up to 23 amps
Number of Signal Contacts (min/max): 3 to 61 per MIl-STD-1554
Gauge Wire Size: 12 to 24 AWG

Environment Specs

Operating Temperature: Up to +260C

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