EN2997 Connector

EN2997 series connectors are hermetically “glass” sealed high performance electrical connectors with a compact low profile. The EN2997 receptacles come in various mounting styles including company solder/brazing/welding mount, square flange, and jam nut. -Derived from 83723 connectors with which it is intermateable. -Intended use on aircraft engines and zones of severe enviornmental conditions. -manual mechanical stop for coupling -models include integrated backshells

Features & Benefits

  • Circular Connectors
  • European Specification
  • Up to 100 contacts per connector


Mechanical Specs

Application / Market: Aerospace, Defense, Commercial
Industry / MIL-SPEC # EN2997
Shape: Circular
Shell Style: Square Flange Receptacle, Jam Nut Receptacle, Solder Flange Mount, Self Locking Plug
Contact Style / Termination: Crimp, Solder Cup, Feed Through, Eyelet, PCB

Material Specs

Shell: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Shell Plating: Passivated Stainless Steel, Electroless Nickel, Electrodeposited Nickel, Cadmium
Insulator: Thermoplastic
Contacts: Copper Alloy
Contact Plating: Gold
Grommet and Seals: Flouorsilicone, Silicone Elastomer

Electrical Specs

Current Rating: 2.5 amps per contact
Gauge Wire Size: 24 to 26 AWG Wire

Environment Specs

Operating Temperature: UP to +260C

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